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Bunk Bed Plans & Loft Bed Plans – Affordable & Easy!

You can build amazing bunk beds for your kids! We can help.  Our bunk bed plans & loft bed plans make it easy to build a traditional bunk bed, bed loft or bed fort for your child’s bedroom or your vacation property. From simple bed plans you can put together in a few hours to elaborate bed fort plans that push the boundaries of bunk bed tradition, find and order the perfect bunk or loft bed plans for your project today.

We feature bunk bed plans that take the fun level up a few notches. We’ve created plans that maximize the fun while keeping the building process simple. We’ve all made bed forts by pinning up sheets on the bed… but let’s face it… those sheets will never hold off marauders much less support a flat screen TV.

Our bunk bed plans are super easy, so even the most green of handymen will find it easy to follow our step by step instructions. Whether you are looking to loft your son or daughter’s college dorm room bed to give them more study space or building a fort for your kids to play video games we have everything you need to get started on that project today.

In addition to a fun, comfortable sleeping area, our plans offer other bonuses such as room for a homework space below with the loft beds, to a complete video game hideout with our bed fort plans.  Our Loft bed plans are for a queen size and can easily turn into a fort later. Our Bed Fort Plans have a twin and a queen plan and have plenty of room down below to setup a homework, video gaming or even movie house.

Please join us as we strive to set a new standard for the ole’ bunk bed. After-all, what good is a bunk bed if it isn’t a blast?