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Queen Loft Bed Plans – The Bed Fort


Bed Fort - Queen Sized Loft PlanThese queen loft bed plans are an ideal choice if you’re looking for a bed that can grow with your child. From an imagination fueling play fort, to a teen aged gamer’s lounge all the way up to a college loft bed made for studying, the Bed Fort can do it all!

This bed provides a SOLID foundation for pretty much every configuration you’d like to try out on your path to creating your child’s dream bed! The possibilities are endless.


Don’t tell anyone, but this thing is super easy to build. I made the first one with some clamps, a hand saw (yes… the old fashioned kind), a square, two sawhorses, a screwdriver, two wrenches and a drill… That’s it!

The plans are written to keep the process as simple as possible. No previous woodworking expertise needed. All you need to be able to do is cut a (somewhat) straight line. If the lines don’t end up being straight, say that’s how it’s supposed to look… Like a FORT.

Also, with supervision, this would also be a fun project for a teenager to complete for a little sibling. Young or seasoned, you’ll be proud of what you accomplished with these plans!

Sleeping arrangements:

  • For one child: Placing a twin sized mattress up top leaves plenty of room for an escape hatch and to play. Plus, placing a smaller mattress up top makes changing the sheets MUCH easier than with many bunk beds. You could also place an existing twin bed inside and leave the entire loft open for play.
  • For two children: Put an existing twin bed+frame underneath and you have a bunk bed. It is also pretty easy to add a built in lower twin sized bunk.


  • Outside: 87-1/2″W x 67-1/2″D x 78-3/4″H
  • Inside: 81″W x 61″D x 54″H
  • Top Loft: 81″W x 61″D x 18″H
  • Weight: Approximately 500lbs (or around 12lbs per square foot – For comparison: A modern fridge is about 40lbs/sqft and just the water in a queen sized waterbed weighs over 1500lbs)
    • When moving the bed, the heaviest modular portion is only 40 lbs, making it easy on your back!

It’s not just for kids!

Bed-FortMany comments I receive say this thing would never make it to the kids! It would be hijacked and transformed into a micro “man-cave.” I think that’s a great idea and here are some configurations I can’t wait to try out myself:

  • Micro-movie theater – a modest sized flat screen and a tiny home theater system will feel like an actual theater inside this tiny man-cave! I’m thinking I can get three adults inside and still have it be comfortable.
  • Gamer’s lounge – Get one of those ergonomic gaming chairs with the micro-movie theater setup and you’ll feel like you’re inside the game!
  • Super cozy reading lounge – With the natural wood accents and the right lighting, you’ll feel like you’re in your own personal cabin.
  • Most unique home office ever! – If you’re tight on space and run a business from home, you can carve out your own little corner of the house for some peace and quiet. Block out distractions and utilize the loft for storage, doubling your square footage!

Ready to get started on your own Bed Fort? Click the “Buy Now” button below to get your plans for $25

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